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Welcome to WAY American School Online

About Us

WAY American School Online is an accredited, private, online school that grants students an American high school diploma.

Our Model
  1. Online - Work online, participate in live classes, and join discussions
  2. Accredited - Internationally accredited by AdvancEd
  3. U.S. Diploma - Earn their U.S. diploma accepted by colleges across the globe
  4. Engaging Projects - Explore authentic, engaging, and real-world problems
  5. Progress Faster - Progress by mastering U.S. national standards in their courses


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Hear From Our Students

[WAY] learning supports for students and families go "above and beyond" to provide for foundational needs of students that result in readiness and ability to learn.

2017 Cognia Review Excerpt

WAY has an outstanding teaching staff across the state of Michigan, in Georgia and in Brazil.

2017 Cognia Review Excerpt

During [AdvancEd] interviews, parents and other stakeholders shared that they have overwhelming pride in the school and that "students are learning based on their own interest in such a wonderful, supportive setting."

2017 Cognia Review Excerpt

In the course of [AdvancEd] interviews with mentors, team leaders, experts, students, and parents, is clear that WAY staff knows students well and advocates for their learning and growth.

2017 Cognia Review Excerpt

The [AdvancEd] team found numerous aspects of best practices in the observed classroom. It was evident that teachers built strong relationship with their students and the lessons were truly student-centered.

2017 Cognia Review Excerpt

"WAY American School is a great place. The method is dynamic and entertaining. The online platform is very useful and makes communication between students and educators easy."

Mariana Amorim

"I think school in WAY American School is nice because it is different from other English courses. While in other courses you focus on grammar, here you improve your English by learning about many things happening in the world."

João Coutinho

"For me, WAY American School has amazing teaching methods and it's awesome for us to have the online platform HERO because we can ask questions online and work on our projects at any time. It makes it fun dynamic way to learn."

Isabela Távora

"I think that WAY American School has been very good and interesting to me because I've learned about many things and I'll get my American High School diploma which is good for my future."

Felipe Nóbrega

"The experience to talk to and interact with American teachers is, for me, the best thing about WAY American School. By talking to the teachers we acquire proficiency in the language, getting to know different slangs and expressions."

Gabriel Noll

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