How To Enroll

Enroll Online

Step 1 - Complete Online Enrollment & Pay Tuition

Enroll now by completing the online application form below. You will need to provide detailed information about your student, submit necessary documents, and arrange for tuition payment.

Enroll Now

Step 2 - Speak With School Staff

Within 48 hours of completing your application, a school staff will contact you to explain the enrollment process and answer any questions you may have. You will get a parent orientation to help you monitor your child's progress towards earning an American high school diploma.

Step 3 - Gain Access To Courses

Within 48 hours of completing your application, you will gain access to the courses, teachers, and learning platform. You can begin working at WAY American School Online!

Step 4 - Student Orientation

Almost done! A mentor will be assigned to your student and will schedule a meeting to discuss courses, transcripts, learning platform and English assessment opportunities.

Admissions FAQ

When is the admissions deadline?

WAY American School Online considers applications throughout the year. Families and students can apply at any time.

Does online learning work for me?

Many different students benefit from flexibility in scheduling and personalization that online learning options offer. Our interactive learning space provides students with a personalized, dynamic, and flexible learning experience to meet their needs and academic interests.

Will I receive guidance in selecting my courses?

Each student will have a mentor that will help guide which courses to take. Your mentor will help you form a plan of work that outlines which courses to take each year. You will recieve a course plan of work similar to the example below,

School YearSchool YearSchool YearSchool Year

English 09
Algebra 1
U.S. History & Geography

English 10
World History & Geography
Physical Education
Visual Arts

English 11
Algebra 2
World Language

English 12
Pre Calculus
World Language

What are the technical requirements for online courses?

Our course in HERO learning platform are designed to work on most computers. Students need a notebook computer with a Windows or Mac operating system. Students will also need high speed internet connection to view documents, stream video instruction, attend web conferences, and submit work.

What's an online class like?

Courses are structured around online instruction with multimedia, interactive activities, discussions, and offline course materials. Students will also be able to attend real-time video-conference sessions taught by U.S. teachers.

Instruction is guided through explanations, resources and materials, and interactive use of media. Students will also have access to recorded video lectures and will complete other online and offline course materials. Teachers provide feedback to promote lifelong learning habits, such as communication, organization, research, and social skills.

Do I need to take standardized tests?

Competitive colleges typically require students to take the SAT. Our college advisors will provide workshops to prepare students to take the SAT.