Online Tutoring

Participate in online tutoring sessions with a highly qualified teacher. WAY Online offers tutoring session for a variety of subject areas with a live instructor.   Tutoring sessions are available for purchase and open to all students in elementary, middle, and high school even if not enrolled in a WAY course. When purchasing tutoring sessions, […]

Work from Home

Study online at home and earn the credits you need for your Middle School or High School. WAY Online can help students who wish to avoid public health concerns and study from home. Courses can be joined and completed at any time, even during a semester or the summer! With our online program: Projects are […]

Adult Education

If you need a diploma, join us and get back to your studies! With WAY American School Online, you will be offered a personalized learning program with the flexibility of time and the pace you need to keep up with your work and home responsibilities. At WAY Online, we believe everyone has a unique way […]

Credit Recovery

Study online and recover the credits you need for your High School completion. WAY Online is designed to help students who have had setbacks and have fallen behind in credits. Courses can be joined and completed at any time, even the summer! With our credit recovery program: Projects are tailored to individual needs; Courses are […]

Summer School

WAY American School Online is a great opportunity over the summer to get ahead, get back on track or explore electives to start the next school year stronger. Whether you’re already enrolled in a full-time public or private school, enrolling in our summer program is a great way to take advantage of the summer months […]

Middle School

Our middle school curriculum is rigorous, engaging, and based on skills students need to succeed in high school, college, and in the real world. Individualized attention given by a mentor helps students learn time-management skills, study strategies, and decision-making methods. The curriculum is based on American national content standards for grades 6 through 8. To […]

High School Diploma

Our high school curriculum is rigorous, robust, and grounded in the skills that students need to be successful in a global society. Graduates are equipped to succeed at top universities in the United States and across the world. WAY American School Online offers two diploma options preparing students for college or career opportunities.