Middle School

Our middle school curriculum is rigorous, engaging, and based on skills students need to succeed in high school, college, and in the real world. Individualized attention given by a mentor helps students learn time-management skills, study strategies, and decision-making methods. The curriculum is based on American national content standards for grades 6 through 8.

To obtain a middle school certificate and be prepared for high school, WAY American School requires 15 credits in specific content areas. Students must take a minimum of 6 credits at WAY American School and others courses may be transferred.

Content AreaCredits
English Language Arts3
Social Studies3
Physical Education.5
Visual & Performing Arts1

Middle School Course List


Science 06
Science 07
Science 08

Language Arts

English 06
English 07
English 08


Math 06
Math 07
Math 08
Algebra Readiness

Social Studies

World Geography 06
World History 07
US History 08

Physical Education & Health

Physical Education MS
Health MS

Visual & Performing Arts

Visual Arts MS
Theatre MS

Information & Communication Technology

Technology Literacy MS